Track for Siftery



Decided to track

We designed Siftery Track from the very beginning. We found that we weren't the only company having issues with tracking our software spend. Key features we built such as alerts, recurring transactions, and shared accounts were collectively our solution to the problem. The rule of thirds is used throughout the Siftery logo. Siftery had 3 different platforms, they needed an adaptable logo. The visual identity had to be well recognized across all platforms as well. We created one of our largest Design Systems for Siftery.


Delight users

Learning that it takes several minutes to fetch data from bank accounts. We decided that we should delight people while they're waiting.

Product Dashboard

Track your spend by product

This is a way to view how much you've spent overtime on a specific product. In this you're able to assign team members to

Dashboard overview

Track all your software spend

Effortlessly visualize and optimize your team's software spend. We don't like leaving money on the table.

People like Track

Over 1500 companies joined in 6 months.

"The product looks and feels great. We've already discovered $3,200 of annual savings just by looking through last month's data." - Michael Lewis, Head of Finance, Fooji

"I can definitely say that Track is the best tool on the market in terms of frictionless integration, visibility, and tracking. We've already identified opportunities to save and have dramatically cut the cost of several products." - Oleg Сampbell, Founder and CEO, Reply