Siftery Track

Brand Identity & Product Design

Track & manage your software spend

We partnered with Siftery to assist them with an underlying cohesive brand identity, illustrations, motion, brand identity, and product design to ensure they had a high quality product.

Providing moments of delight

There's nothing like illustrations combined with motion to delight those who are waiting for their bank accounts to sync.

Product Dashboard

This is a way to view how much you've spent overtime on a specific product. In this you're able to assign team members to

Track all your software spend

Effortlessly visualize and optimize your team's software spend. We don't like leaving money on the table.

What were people saying?

Siftery closed over 1,500 companies in 6 months.

"The product looks and feels great. We've already discovered $3,200 of annual savings just by looking through last month's data."
- Michael Lewis, Head of Finance, Fooji

"I can definitely say that Track is the best tool on the market in terms of frictionless integration, visibility, and tracking. We've already identified opportunities to save and have dramatically cut the cost of several products." - Oleg Campbell, Founder and CEO, Reply